Moving back to Blogger

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I’m heading back to blogger. Come and visit me at Musings of a Cover artist.

Look forward to catching up with you all there 😀


Hunting Diablo

So I spent most of my evening checking out the available Blogger templates. I want a 3 column template with a custom header. Apparently these don’t exist. Well, I did find some but for some reason Blogger can’t read them. Kinda makes the search for Free Blogger Templates pointless. I might have to resign myself to a ‘classic’ blogger template/layout, which I seem to recall being one of the reasons I hightailed it over here to WordPress. *sigh* Man this internet thing is SOOO time consuming.

Of course I say to myself ‘Damn-it woman! You should be able to put a simple template together’. So I start fiddling around and the next thing I know it’s midnight and I’ve accomplished NOTHING other than getting myself extremely frustrated. Yeah, so I’m no closer to getting my Blogger account looking professional so we’re still here for the time being.

Anyway, on to other things. Hunting Diablo has hit the ‘Coming Soon’ line-up over at TEB.


Ellies other covers by me 😉

Hunting Diablo by Ellie Tremayne. Ellie has done a little sidestep away from the rugged British highlands and thrown us into the Carribean full of Pirates!

It’s actually be quite a while since I did this cover and I was beginning to worry that it may never be released LOL! I was rather pleased with the outcome. I love the colours. Can you tell that the couple are actually two different stock photos? I’m pretty chuffed with how they came together. Actually I think it may have been 3 stock photos in this. I think I added someone’s chest hair and shoulder so that their heads weren’t just hanging there 😀

How nice would it be to spend a week on that little island, eh? Provided Mr Pirate up there was waiting on me hand and foot 😉 LOL.

I seem to recall there was a lot (a LOT) of cutting out on the ship. Not something that I want to repeat within the near future. However, it came out surprisingly well. I just had to add the Jolly Roger flag and get the ship to sit in the water without looking odd. I think I managed it, provided we don’t look tooooo closely 😉

Hmmm … very odd. I’ve come back to finish off this post and something’s changed. I’ve all of a sudden got a personalised Dashboard. There also seems to be a few bugs. I can’t put in any links for some reason. I like the new look but I don’t like being able to do what I want, when I want. Also I don’ like things changing without a bit of fanfare. If something is going to be up-graded I want a small note saying something along the lines of ‘Look what we’ve done’.  So I’ll finish this post off because I can’t really do any more to it. Let’s see if it is going to be difficult next time around. If so, Blogger, here I come!


a woman’s prerogative

… prerogtive. Just doesn’t look right does it. I always thought it was perogative. Well, that’s what I’ve been saying for as long as I can remember. Which isn’t that long in my world. My husband insists that I have the memory span of a fish. LOL! I am hopelessly forgetful these days but I’ll blame that on the kids 😀

Okay, so I’m thinking of heading back to blogger. Purely for all the little extra’s that I get to add to my blog. Yes, yes. How very materialistic of me, but I like widgets and Amarinda has a wizz-bang little clock that I like 😀 I’d also like to be able to play my slideshows of the covers I’ve done. Can’t do that here at WordPress. Well, perhaps I possibly could if I paid the money to upgrade, but I’m not ready to do that quite yet.

You know I came to WordPress from Blogger because I found Blogger ‘hard’ to understand. Mind you I was very new to the whole CSS/Blogging thing. Now I’m beginning to think that I may have jumped ship a bit too early. So just be warned. I’ll post a notice if I do switch back.


Worth the Risk

Phew! Another cover has been released in the ‘Coming Soon’ section at TEB. I was beginning to get antsy as I had nothing really worthy to blog about. Well, other than the mundane grievances of life LOL!



Worth the Risk by Jamie Hill is the second book in the Unexpected Love series.

I tried to keep the same ‘style’ to the covers and think I managed it pretty well. Took a while to find the right mix of models and I particularly like the woman and was quite determined to use her. Very straight forward . Not too much blending or adjusting.

Just ordered myself a couple of books online – Dead Until Dark and Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris. Yeah, it’s taken me a long time to get around to reading CH. It seems it’s a must that everyone who loves Vampire books will have read this series. My interest was piqued by the fact that there’s a new TV series coming that’s being based on these novels called ‘True Blood‘ . Yay! Another vampire show with an Aussie, Ryan Kwanten amongst the leading characters 😀 Mind you we’ll probably only be teased with the first few episodes and then the network will just stop airing it without a ‘don’t mind us’. And yes, I’m still ticked off about Moonlight!

I’d love to see Sherrilyn Kenyon or JR Wards series on the TV but that may be pushing the friendship a bit.


Happy Easter

First things first … HAPPY EASTER!! (yes I’m a bit late for the Aussies)


Just whipped this up because I couldn’t find a suitable image on google LOL!

Oh, and get a load of this!!! The Belgian chocolate made the chocolate egg with at least 50.000 bars.The egg measured 8.32m high.Twenty-six craftsman worked altogether 525 hours to build the easter egg. They needed 1950 kg of chocolate.Alderman Urbain Vercauteren of the city of St.Niklaas said the egg wasn’t meant to be eaten.He said: “After a week outside in all weather conditions, I don’t think it would be very tasteful.”

So, now that we’ve indulged ourselves, I can tell you that not much happening in my small part of the world.  I’ve done my covers for the month but they’re just taking their time being released. I’ll post them here as soon as they’re released over at TEB.

School Holidays are looming in a few weeks. Don’t know how I’m going to entertain the kiddies. Luckily my son will still be attending Preschool for his 3 days a week. The idea crossed my mind to head off to Sydney for a week, but it’s such an upheaval with all the packing and the 5+ hour drive down there. It’s hard when it’s just me in the car as my son still get’s a bit car sick. Although he is quicker to grab the ‘chuck bucket’ these days.

So I might take my daughter horse riding and shopping. Maybe we’ll visit the movies and she’s been mentioning Ice Skating but I’m not sure how my old bones would hold up to that LOL!

Speaking of my daughter, she had a sleepover at her cousin’s last night so I’d better head over and pick her up before she wears out her welcome. Oh, and I must drop in and apologise to my neighbour as I forgot to set my alarm this morning (6am) for our morning walk. It was nice to sleep in though 😉


Just another day ..

Not a lot happening in this neck of the woods. I took my 3yo son to the hospital the other morning as he’d been bleeding from the ear over night. He’s been suffering from Glue-Ear, which is a build up of fluid in the ear which puts pressure on the eardrum. Well, it appears that he’s either stuck something in his ear or the ear-drum has burst. I’d say he stuck something in his ear because he was sick of waiting for the Dr’s to do something about it.

He’s been on a 3 week course of antibiotics and an endless stream of ear drops. All which seem to be doing nothing. Oh and then there was the ‘try to get him to blow air into his ear canals’. You know, when you hold your nose and blow to make your ears pop and crackle. Well, how do you explain to a 3yo how to do this? As you can guess, I’ve had no luck so he decided to do something he did understand and stuck something in his ear to relieve the pressure.

Anyway, so we’ve been given MORE antibiotics and MORE ear drops. Yes the Chemist loves us.

I also noticed that gone are the days when during your visit to the Dr’s or emergency department the nurse cleaned you up before sending you on your way. We came home with the crusty, bloody ear that we went in with. I’m sure that would have never been allowed in my mum’s day (she was a nurse). Even in the days when I was a kid. You can’t deny that it’s comforting to have someone who knows what they’re doing patching you up. Then again. Maybe it’s just me.

SO. I’ve been avidly watching So You Think You Can Dance – Australia. I love these reality shows. Idol, Dancing with the Stars and now So You Think You Can Dance. I love to test my knowledgeable taste against the rest of Australia LOL! Not that I know much about singing and dancing. But I do know what I like and what I don’t and what I do like is RHYS BOBRIDGE! Go Rhys!

Check out Rhys and Jemma’s Waltz

I must say that I’m quite taken with our young Rhys. Usually it’s the woman that catches your eye in the dancing but I barely even notice she’s there. Also for those SAHM in Australia you may also recognise him as ELF from The Fairies TV Show and if any Melbourne Drag Queens just happen to stumble across his blog (yeah, right ;)) then our young Rhys is none other than ze bootiful, Regime!! Oh, and he is a make-up artist too! Talk about versatile! I do wish he’d do something else with his hair though. He’s got a real Hitler thing going LOL.

Anyway, I thought I share my favourite performances this week:

Henry & Vanessa

Kate & Graeme

Rhys & Jemma

The show’s on again tonight so I’ll be plastered to the lounge from 7:30pm. Much to hubbys disgust. He’s missing out on Grey’s Anatomy LOL.


Mistress Mine

Righto!! Back from the hangover from hell. Funny how the post with the least words, got the most comments LOL! Anyway, nothing to be proud of I know, so we’ll move on shall we 😉

Here’s the latest cover to be released over at TEB.


Mistress Mine by Lyn Cash is the first book in the Kinky Cruising Series. It was an odd combination – a cowboy, a dominatrix and cruise ship and because of this I wanted to try to get all elements in the cover. I did muck around for a while, trying different things but this combination seemed to work the best. I added the leather cuffs to the woman and hair to the guy, removed some tatts. Oh, I also gave him a shave LOL! Something I haven’t done before but apart from that it was all pretty straight forward.

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