pc_sxc_marinm_893754_55109328.jpgDon’t you just hate it when your computer dies on you!

I have to admit that my computer has started to sound like a 747 taking off of late. The fact that it’s stuck in a little corner under my desk probably doesn’t help. Oh, and neither does the fact that there’s always a cat draped over it.

So I went to turn it on this morning and nothing! Actually I lie. It ran for about 5 seconds and then nothing. It kept turning itself off. So WHY does this always happen on a Saturday morning?? Thank god our local Computer guy was open and luckily he was able to fix it. He had to replace the electrical fan box thingie in the back. Yes I’m computer illiterate šŸ˜‰ Phew!! He is an absolute Saint, I tell you! Thank you Josh! Not that you’ll ever read this LOL.

Thank goodness it was something relatively simple. I usually feel like I’ve had an arm and leg cut off when the computer goes down. And hubby can always tell when the computer is on the blink. The house is usually cleaner LOL!

A little bit of exciting news for me. Just got my first installation of my Graphic Design correspondence course. Can’t wait to get into it but it’s probably best to wait until the kids are at school. So things are finally heading in the direction I want. Yay for me!!


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