Correspondence & Repairs

I’d love to add some more covers that I’ve been working on but I am waiting until they have been released over at TEB before I post them up here. I’m a month or so ahead so it might be a bit of a wait until we see some more covers.

I’ve been thinking about taking the next step and approaching another publisher (in addition to TEB). I’m feeling more confident in my abilities and the time constraints involved with a young family. I am a bit nervous about taking this step though. I don’t want to overload myself and end up letting anyone down. It’s funny though. When I get a cover request I go into panic mode ‘OMG I can’t do it!’ and then when they’re all done I’m itching to get started on another one. I don’t know who I’m going to approach yet. I might just put my feelers out and see what’s going on.

I also have my first assignment with my correspondence course to do. Not that I’ve done anything with it yet! Not a good start, eh? I need to collect graphic designs (flyers, business cards, advertising, etc), which I’ve started to do and then describe the good and bad design points. I’ve never been real good with giving my opinion on things so we’ll see how I go. Everything looks pretty good to me LOL! I’m such a fence sitter 😉

So lately my free (child free) days have been taken up with Christmas shopping, grocery shopping and housework. Hubby just had a week’s holiday from work so I got even less done than I normally would. Considering we own a hardware store, you’d think some jobs would get done around the house, but I digress. So, today in all my feminist glory I decided to repair the front door myself (since it didn’t get done last week *grrr*). The cats have destroyed the fly screen so how hard could that be to replace? I mean. Really.

*sigh* Yeah. So the door is half done and now waiting for hubby to come home and finish it LOL! I managed to get the top spline in and down one side. Unfortunately when I started to put the spline in down the other side (which is the rubber cord used to hold the screen in) the screen started to tear. I phoned hubby in a tiz and he tells me that I had it too tight but the damn screen was all loose and very unprofessional looking. Of course, I got the very smug ‘Leave it until I get home’. So there the door sits. Half done and letting every fly within a 500 metre radius of the house IN!

I’ve since realised, of course, that if you want to replace the screen in a door or window, it is best if you take it down and lay it flat. Also. Don’t attempt to do this with a 3 yo wanting to help you at every turn. A 3yo that does not listen. A 3 yo male. Need I say more.


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