The collecting bug

So. The Christmas tree is finally up and I’ve just spent the afternoon washing my collection of Depression glass. Phew! That’s one job that I avoid for as long as possible. I took a photo to share, considering it will probably be another 12 months before it looks this good again, LOL!

8-december-2007-2.jpg 8-december-2007-3.jpg

Both these cupboards (and others) are jam packed with more glassware (Depression & Art Deco). Unfortunately I just don’t have the bench space to show it off. Especially with little 3 foot terrors running around the house. And yes. We have had a few breakages. Luckily nothing too expensive 😀

The dark brown cabinet was made by my grandfather. I replaced the old glass windows with some lead-lighting that I did myself. One of those many arty courses that I’ve dabbled in in an attempt to find my creative outlet (including leatherwork, crocheting, knitting, beading, felting, watercolour painting, oil painting … and the list goes on ;))

I remember seeing a green glass collection in a magazine once and I just fell in love with it then and there. I love tracking down pieces and trying to identify where they’re from and who manufactured them. A couple of my favourites are actually Crown Glass ware which was an Australian company. The quality is no where as good as the Czech, English or American glass but they’re still beautiful pieces. The green float bowl which the Angel is standing in is quite rare and the amber oval vase (centre) is just beautiful up close. For some reason Amber is not as popular as the greens/blues/pinks but bunched together and when the sun hits them they are just so cheerful!

One day I’ll have a nice house to show them off in, with specially built wall cupboards and shelves. *sigh* Guess I’d better buy myself a lottery ticket 😉

The US folks out there may recognise some Jadite in the cupboard. That was an extension to my green glass collection. I just love the solid milky green contrast to the other glass. The Jadite is quite expensive now (as is the green glass) and there are cheap fakes now flooding the market. It’s so hard to tell what you’re getting when you purchase on line 😦

Well, I’ve probably bored my three watchers so enough with my ramblings 😉 More covers to come soon!


2 Responses to “The collecting bug”

  1. 10 December, 2007 at 10:25 am

    I have always wanted to collect something. I have half collections of several different things. But you people who collect always sound so happy and fulfilled when you talk about your collections. I want that. I have a few pieces of egyptian statuary which I love, but it is hard to find and really expensive so I gave that up. I have action figures, but I only buy the ones of people/characters that I like, and then I want to play with them, so they are out of their boxes and scattered around and I only have about 9 of them anyway.

    Your glass is beautiful. I have always loved amber glass. Green is my favorite color, but I totally agree about sunlight through amber colored glass. Glorious.


  2. 10 December, 2007 at 2:47 pm

    Mmm Sunlight Through Amber … sounds like a great title 😉 LOL! Thanks Dakota 😀 Yes, fortunately/unfortunately the collecting bug has bit. I do go through phases and tend to run hot and cold with my collecting but I always get much joy playing with my collection. I’m only just getting to the point where I no longer say “OMG It’s green glass. I have to buy it!” LOL. I know enough now that I will actually walk past a few pieces before I pickup the one I want. I’m thinking Art Deco is my thing, but I’ll always have a soft spot for those colonial style items. The things that our grandmother’s would have had and used in their own day to day lives.

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