You know, being surrounded by all these talented writers can really get quite depressing.

I’ve been dabbling in writing as far back as my early teens. My girlfriend and I would write erotic stories (well, as erotic as a 12 year old can get *rolls eyes* LOL) about .. of all people .. Wham’s George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley. Or Steve Norman from Spandau Ballet or Morten somebody from Aha. OMG! I can’t believe I’m admitting this LOL. Anyway, every few days, we’d write a story and then swap them. I’d always get annoyed that I would get stuck with Andrew and my girlfriend would get George. Ha ha .. so who’s laughing now eh? Aahh … those were the days šŸ˜€

Anyway, my love of writing all things romance has not changed. Except for the fact that I rarely write these days. I have numerous wonderful stories and characters who still come to visit me and give me a prod every now and then (in the blandest way possible of course ;)) Like Sarah and Julian (Historical set in colonial Australia), Blade and Layne (Sci-Fi), Zoran & Cale (Urban Fantasy) just to name a few. *sigh* all their stories remain unfinished. Unfortunately my biggest downfall is the ability to plot a storyline.

I don’t know why my stories can’t have a start, middle and end. And why do I always seem to be starting in the middle? Possibly that’s because that’s where all the good stuff is šŸ˜‰ LOL. The visions appear in my head. A bit like a scene from a movie. It’s a snapshot that catches my attention and I just have to write about it. Usually it’s the first kiss. But then after that, nothing, nada .. *crickets*. I just don’t know how authors come up with these incredibly interwoven plot lines that have you sitting back in awe and proclaiming ‘hell yeah!’

Obviously it’s the lead-up that has me hooked. All that endless tension of wondering does he or doesn’t he, will she or won’t she. All that gut-wrenching angst where you find yourself ranting at the book “Just kiss her for Christ sake!” Yeah. I’m one of those.

I think my biggest downfall is my internal editor. I just can’t for the life of me move on until I feel that the first chapter is worthy of a best seller. Then I seem to hash and rehash, edit and re-edit to the point that the story is no longer the one I had in my head and then I have to try to pull all the pieces together, which of course, no longer fit. Then I get disgruntled with it and put it aside as a couple of new characters step up to the plate. And so the cycle begins again.

*sigh* I need help.


1 Response to “Jealous!”

  1. 13 December, 2007 at 8:28 am

    If we had answers to your questions we would all write WAY more books. I think it just takes discipline to sit down and not move until it’s over. You know, like bad sex. šŸ™‚ (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) Maybe you should take your characters out of their comfort zone and put them in yours. It is obvious you love the people you write about, maybe they just need to be transplanted somewhere else. Think about it. If that doesn’t help…sorry. I suck with the advice. And I don’t know how I write. I haven’t written anything this month, last month I wrote two novellas. Who knows sweetie?

    Hugs and luck

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