Broke, Unholy Lust and Tribute to the Goddess

Well, it finally happened. Wednesday I went to finish the Christmas shopping. I get paid on a Wednesday, you see. Anyway, I was so good. I picked up only what was needed as I knew that I had to do the groceries before I went home. So there I am at the grocery checkout and how unusual, the groceries cost more than what I have in my account. Yes, this is quite normal for me. However to save embarrassment I ususally whip out the Mastercard and pay with that. Well, yes you guessed it. This time there was no money available on the Mastercard, I had no extra cash in my wallet (again, not unusual) so I then had to find $84 worth of groceries to hand back.  What a bloody nuisance! I really needed the majority of the things that I had to hand back.  I don’t know how everyone else in the world is finding the finances these days, but christ! $100 does not go very far *sigh*.

I’m so annoyed with myself for letting the Mastercard get away from me like that. I purposely have a low limit because I know how quickly it can build up and I am thankful for that small mercy.  So, it seems I’ve already spent my next couple of Cover cheques LOL! Nothing like getting some enjoyment out of your hard earned cash, eh?

Anyway, enough of my whining 😉 ’cause another two covers have been released over at TEB.

tribute-for-the-goddess-cover-artwork-reduced.jpg unholy-lust-cover-artwork-reduced.jpg

Tribute for the Goddess by Brynn Paulin. This was probably my first real attempt at replacing a model’s face. The model with the hair didn’t look quite innocent enough, but I’m really happy with how this worked 😀 I mucked around a bit and was able to re-create a water effect by using textures and motion filters, then added some cloud & lightning brushes for the background. The guy I really liked, except for the lighting, however, I managed to make it look like it belonged there by tinting the background to match the aqua lighting. A couple of hair brushes for him and we were complete! I think this was the second draft. The first had a full body shot of the Goddess. She was holding a flower but I had to paint that out because it was irrelevant to the storyline.

Unholy Lust by Iona Blair. This cover went through a few drafts, trying to get the right feel. I had troubles getting this one for some reason. But that’s it. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, the covers don’t come together as easily as you’d like. This could possibly be why I’ve just done the dark background & swirl brushes. I did like the couple though, and was quite intent on using them. Still, all in all it’s not too bad 😉


7 Responses to “Broke, Unholy Lust and Tribute to the Goddess”

  1. 14 December, 2007 at 8:11 pm

    See? This why I do not do xmas. It’s all too bloody comercialized and people get into debt because they think ‘they have to’ buy gifts. I would say the most precious gift you can give is your own time. Spend it on someone you love.

    I always love your covers. I loved Lust in Time. And you’re an Aussie. That means you are not only talented but incredibly smart and attractive as well.

  2. 14 December, 2007 at 8:13 pm

    Damn it! I left a comment and it got swallowed by cyberspace…how rude!

  3. 14 December, 2007 at 8:59 pm

    Thanks Amarinda. I thoroughly agree with Christmas being way too commercialised. But what holiday isn’t these days *rolls eyes*. I tried to rein it in this year but obviously not enough. Unfortunately I’m a been a person who agonizes over gifts – god knows I can spend a good 20 minutes just picking a card. It does my hubbies head in LOL!. I don’t give something that I wouldn’t like to receive myself, despite knowing that I’m going to get a $2 job in return. Yeah, I’m a sucker LOL.

    Oh, I’m actually half way through Lust in Time atm. I need to get back to it, but we have the boys over playing cards tonight so I can’t see it being tonight. They’re a bit rowdy 😉

  4. 16 December, 2007 at 7:09 am

    What? No new blog? Now I have worked out the comment thing I expect a new blog!! Snap to it!BTW I am linking you to Amarinda so pull your finger out

  5. 16 December, 2007 at 3:10 pm

    Hey, what? LOL! Gee, things have slowed down cover wise ATM but I ‘ll try to think of something to blog about 😉

  6. 17 December, 2007 at 12:20 am

    I meant to post a blog about how women, in particular, need to be careful around festivals because they’re the ones getting caught more and more in the debt trap…but then thought it was probably a tad depressing for the season. Don’t fret, Lyn, I think all of us have been there at the checkout — been there, done that, couldn’t afford the bloody t-shirt!

    Love the two new covers, but hope you’ll always have a soft spot for “Prime Suspect” ::wink::! Hey Amarinda, how are you? Season’s greetings!! 🙂

  7. 17 December, 2007 at 7:41 am

    Hi Kaz! Yeah, a couple of my posts do sound a little ‘Scroogy’ LOL! Every year I have all intentions of enjoying the Christmas but I never quite seem to get there. *sigh* Here’s hoping things get better 😉

    Oh, and you know I’ll always have a soft spot for Prime Suspect 😉

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