Silent night (I wish!)

So we did the Carols in the Park this evening. Actually, it was Carols in the Church Hall because of the rain, but all I had to do was turn up, so it was no biggie. Darling daughter went off and got into her class group, whilst the demon child and I went and found a seat. I had a sudden panic attack when I realised that, because we were in the church, we’d inadvertently become part of the Church Service. Now, if it were just myself I would have quite enjoyed the service. But as I mentioned before, I had the demon child with me (aka, my 3yo son).

What is it about boys that they never (NEVER!) stop moving. He was up and down the whole bloody 1/2 hour (for that is all I could take). Getting more adventurous as the minutes passed. I lost him more than once amongst the crowd but I was more worried of him deciding to head out onto the street. Numerous times I went to look for him only to find that he’d made his way back to the seat. He wasn’t one bit worried that I wasn’t there and I was beginning to get odd looks from other parents towards the end. I’m not quite sure if they were sympathetic or accusatory, LOL.

915337_65199687_-stockxchng.jpgNow, I have to ask this. WHY do they insist on singing carols two octaves above any normal person’s range? And they wonder why no-body sings! I mean. I’m not going to sit there sounding like a cat being tortured when I can dutifully mouth the words am I! Actually it’s funny sitting there listening. You can always tell when no-one knows the words because things go quiet and previously clear singing suddenly becomes a mumble .. LOL.

Aaaanyway, it all ended quickly enough. I’d have stayed if it weren’t for you know who – damn my husband for talking me into taking him (he stayed at home *rolls eyes*). We then rounded up dear daughter, only to have her start whining because she wanted to stay. Believe me when I say she could quite easily reach those high notes with here winging. She’s never grateful for what she does get. No. She’s always (always) wants more and if she doesn’t get it she starts up with the air raid siren. Honestly, sometimes she really can suck the joy out of an outing.

Honest to F’ing god, these kids drive me insane. No wonder I drink too much!

Hmm.. maybe those sexy male demon’s in my dreams really did spawn my children. I have a demon child and a Dementor!


2 Responses to “Silent night (I wish!)”

  1. 17 December, 2007 at 7:01 am

    I sing extremely badly so I restrict it to singing loudly in the car and at home. I always, without fail, get stuck sitting next to someone who thinks that can sing and they proceed to sing very loudy and off-key. What can you do? As much as I would like to scream SHUT UP! I try and retain some manners…bloody hell it’s hard sometimes. As for you demon child, I am not kid person but I do enjoy it when they say something totally off the cuff that is completely inappropriate moment. I was at this solemn occasion recently when this little boy said very loudly in a quiet moment – “Geeze something stinks” Priceless

  2. 17 December, 2007 at 7:47 am

    LOL! Yeah, there were a few of those ‘Soprano’ types belting it out 😀

    He he .. yes. Kids have the uncanny knack of embarrassing their owners .. ah .. parents 😉

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