Hallelujah and pass the Gin, it’s OVER!

LOL! God I love that – Hallelujah and pass the gin. Thanks AJ for adding that to my very limited repertoire 😉

Well, that’s that for another year, eh? Christmas is over. Gone. Kaput!
I can’t believe how glad I am to see the back end of Christmas this year. Honestly, where has all the joy gone? I kept waiting for someone to come and clock me on the head with the Merry stick, but as usual they passed me bye.

It’s just too hard now, isn’t it? The shopping, the lack of money, the long list of things to do, the secrets and pretense for the kids, ‘Yes darling, Santa really does exist’. I thought we got to re-live our childhood through our kids. I was so looking forward to enjoying Christmas once I’d had kids. But, now I really do understand why Mum and Dad never looked that excited about Christmas LOL! I couldn’t even be bothered getting the annual photo with Santa this year. I vowed I would not be going near the Shopping centres within a week of Christmas but would you believe the kids school didn’t break up until the 21 December!

So. No photo with Santa this year. In all honesty I don’t think the kids even noticed. Too bloody busy winging about not getting enough. Ungrateful little …. darlings.

Anyway, we’ll be heading off next week to visit the rellies in Sydney. Great more presents (yes I am being sarcastic ;)). We being the kids and I. Hubby gets two weeks of peace (lucky bugger!). The worst part of that, of course, is the travel. 5-6 hours of solid driving on one of the most dangerous pieces of road in NSW. The Pacific Highway. Then we’ll be back home for a week before we head off (down the coast again) to catch up with some friends visiting from London to show off their twin daughters.

Before I know it, January will be over and the mad rush to get the kids ready for school will start, then it’s my daughters birthday … ahh .. the list just keeps growing. It’s no wonder I drink so much.

Anyway, in amongst all this I have five covers to get done. Yeah, I know it’s nothing compared to what other cover artists are pumping out. I guess that’s the upside to being with only one publisher at this stage.

Actually I’ve just sent off a draft for my first Pirate themed book 😀 I can’t help but wonder what stock sites offered before the Pirates movies came out. Honestly. Now every damned ‘Pirate’ looks like Captain Jack. Don’t get me wrong. I loved. LOVED. Johnny as Captain Jack. But when are people going to realise there will never be another Johnny. Or Captain Jack for that matter. Come on people. Use your creativity. Give me something to work with here!

*sigh* Well that’s it from me for the time being. I’ll try to get in as much as possible before we head off but January may be a little quiet in this little part of the world.

Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Just in case I don’t get a chance to say it 😉

P.S. I don’t know how you ladies do it! Finding great pictures to add to your blogs. I an never find anything worthwhile without a watermark on it. What’s your secrets! I mean, do you just type in ‘santa flashing’ or something and get what you were after? I just can’t seem to do it for some reason 😦


2 Responses to “Hallelujah and pass the Gin, it’s OVER!”

  1. 27 December, 2007 at 11:57 pm

    For pics I go to yahoo.com and click the images link over the search box, then I type in what I am looking for. You have to wade through a bunch of crap sometimes before you find anything usable. I also really like art.com and allposters.com for nice pics. Hope that helps.


  2. 28 December, 2007 at 7:21 am

    Yeah, I use yahoo picture search too…did not know about the other two though. Thanks Dakota.

    I am glad you like the Gin saying. I feel it really tells it like it is. Please try and find time to add ‘pukeable’ to your blog or everyday language as I am trying to get this to be a recognized word so my editor doesn’t keep chucking it out of my books.

    As for the Pacific Highway…let all the dickheads speed past you if they have the crashing need to kill themselves.

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