Cupids and Tumbleweed

Two more covers released over at TEB …

karaoke-at-the-tumbleweed-cover-reduced.png cupids-kisses-cover-single-reduced.png

Karaoke at the Tumbleweed by Carol Lynne

Gee, don’t you wish all Barmen looked this good?? LOL

This one was needed quite quickly. I had the idea of what I wanted pretty early so it was just a matter of finding the right models. I’d been eyeing these two off for a little while now … well, one in particular ;), and I’m surprised how well they came together. She was hanging off another fellow but he was wearing too many clothes 😉

Okay, so what have I done here … I removed the poncy buttons from his cardie and of course added his tatt’s and longer hair. I thought she looked a little odd just hanging there with no bottom half so I searched around and found her a hip *rolls eyes*. Yeah, I know I’ve practically covered it over but I don’t like missing body parts 😉

Also her skin was a bit mottled. Actually she looked dead, so I airbrushed a bit of life back into her. I also managed to scratch up a bar/pub background and fussed around with the fonts to get a Neon feel and Voila! Karaoke at the Tumbleweed 😀 It is a nice change for Carol who usually writes M/M, so I hope she likes it.

The Cupids Kisses covers a couple of short stories – hence the Title & Author. This will cover Dirty Cupid by Lexie Davis, Attitude Adjustment by Bobbie Russell, To Catch a Cassanova by Erika Scott and Redemptions Incubus by Brynn Paulin. The sexy guy with the bow and arrow was pretty straight forward. I went with some rose petals for that Valentines feel. Not one of my better covers but it get’s the job done, I guess.

On the count down now. I haven’t done any packing. I’ve been on this computer AAAALLL day. My daughter is thoroughly disgusted with me as she wants to get onto NickJR and play games. Fair dinkum! The house is full of toys. I have one that I’ll admit to 😉 – my computer. So why am I forever fighting the kids and my husband off the damn thing? It seems that ever since I’ve become serious about forging a career in Cover Art, which requires endless hours at the computer, all of a sudden everyone else in the household want to get on it? Before I started my cover art no-one came near the bloody thing! Sheesh! Can you tell I’m stressed LOL!

Well, better keep going. Two more covers to try to get done before tonight and then we’re off.

Oops .. almost forgot to add that I was interviewed by the lovely Amarinda Jones so go and check out her blog!



3 Responses to “Cupids and Tumbleweed”

  1. 4 January, 2008 at 6:45 am

    Excellent covers – have a great trip. it will be safe and stress free – I decree it

  2. 21 January, 2008 at 12:54 pm

    Hey Lyn, isn’t it time you updated your blog? I have just the solution! I tagged you for the Six-Random-Things meme. Details at my blog… http://blog.ksaugustin.com

  3. 21 January, 2008 at 8:07 pm

    You’re right Kaz! I’ll get onto it now that I’m back 😀 Keep your eyes peeled.

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