Aussie Aussie Aussie .. Oi Oi Oi

Aussie Aussie AussieWell it’s Australia Day today down here and I can guarantee the temperature will be a good 10 degree’s higher, thanks to all the Barbie’s and Webbers cranking up for the day. Yes folks, it’s a day of celebration. In fact, stuff just making a day of it, we’ll turn the whole bloody weekend into a paartay thank you very much! LOL

It’s today when people openly brag about being Australian Royalty. Usually meaning they have Convict stock in their blood. So I’m pretty proud to admit that not only do I have one convict but three *takes a bow* 😀 We were first shipped out here in 1798 from the mother land for the likes of highway robbery, theft from an employee and would you believe – stealing a cow, milking it and then getting caught taking it back. Yes, that was the Irish ancestor *rolls eyes* and no he wasn’t a Murphy ;).

So there you have it. Don’t expect much productivity from us Aussies this weekend

Anyway to keep with the theme of all things Australian, I thought I’d share a little poem that has always stuck with me since I was a kid and always puts a smile on my dial 😉

Tumba-bloody-rumbaTilpa Pub

I was down the Riverina, knockin’ ’round the towns a bit,
and occasionally resting with a schooner in me mitt,
and on one of these occasions, when the bar was pretty full,
and the local blokes were arguin’ assorted kinds of bull,
I heard a conversation, most peculiar in its way.
It’s only in Australia you would hear a joker say:

“Howya bloody been, ya drongo, haven’t seen ya fer a week,
and yer mate was lookin’ for ya when ya come in from the creek.
‘E was lookin’ up at Ryan’s, and around at bloody Joe’s,
and even at the Royal, where ‘e bloody NEVER goes”.

And the other bloke says “Seen ‘im? Owed ‘im half a bloody quid.
Forgot to give it back to him, but now I bloody did –
could’ve used the thing be bloody self. Been off the bloody booze,
up at Tumba-bloody-rumba shootin’ kanga-bloody-roos.”

Now the bar was pretty quiet, and everybody heardEttamoga Pub
the peculiar integration of this adjectival word,
but no-on there was laughing, and me – I wasn’t game,

so I just sits back and let them think I spoke the bloody same.

Then someone else was interested to know just what he’d gone and got,
how many kanga-bloody-roos he went and bloody shot,
and the shooting bloke says “Things are crook – the drought’s too bloody tough.
I got forty bloody seven, and that’s good e-bloody-nough.”

And, as this polite rejoiner seemed to satisfy the mob,
everyone stopped listening and got on with the job,
which was drinkin’ beer, and arguin’ and talkin’ of the heat,
of boggin’ in the bitumen in the middle of the street.
Drunk Roo

But for me, I’m here to say the interesting piece of news
was Tumba-bloody-rumba shootin’ kanga-bloody-roos.

John Patrick O’Grady

ha ha ha … love it!

Anyway, so I’ve not much more to add today but I thought I’d leave you with some eye candy of this incredibly beautiful and diverse country of ours. As Amarinda says, come and visit. We’ll take your money with a smile 😉

Some of our fella’s … (phwaaar!!!)

Aussie Footballersjackman-1.jpg smith-simbak.jpg 2b1de0db85.jpg

Our country …

outback_wideweb__430x281.jpg xn0u5955-crystal-shower-dorrigo.jpgheron_island_beach.jpg

Our loves …

A good party ..


Some footy and a good ol’ tiff with the neighbours


Tim Tams .. need I say more …


A good feed …


and need I say the best grog on the planet!


So to all my fellow Aussies who may read this – have a great one and knock back a couple for me. Get pissed as a newt but don’t drive home! Unless it’s via the porcelain bus – that’s okay 😉 Sleep like a log till Sundy lunch time then relax with a hair of the dog while you watch the V8’s. Oh and don’t forget to phone in sick for work on Mundy. Cheers big ears!


1 Response to “Aussie Aussie Aussie .. Oi Oi Oi”

  1. 27 January, 2008 at 3:12 pm

    Me too!! Me too!!! Convict blood here. I am most annoyed that I am related to people who were dumb enough to get but there it is. One nicked fabric – i think it fell into her bag and the other had a big old horsey follow him home – not his fault if animals liked him

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