Moonlight canned

I don’t know what free to air TV stations are like in other parts of the world but I am mighty pee’d off with Chanel 9 here in AUS atm. They’ve stopped airing the TV show ‘Moonlight‘. It was one of the very few shows that I actually took the time out to watch (the other being the Aussie version of So You Think You Can Dance.)I don’t understand. It won the people’s choice award and had a fantastic following here in Australia. And it wasn’t because one of our own Actors, Alex O’Loughlin held the lead roll as Private Detective come Vampire, Mick St. John.

So, why does Channel 9 think so little of it’s viewers? There was no warning, no announcement, nothing, nada, zip! They just dropped it like a hot potato and had the hide to put some garbage movie re-run on.

They go on and on about their ratings (or lack of) and yet they do this to their viewers. And it hasn’t just been with this show. Numerous times in the past they have stopped airing shows for a couple of weeks, for no good reason. Replacing them with repeats or absolute mind-numbing crud. But just dropping a show half way through because the ‘Ratings’ season is starting really annoys me. Surely it’s not that hard to plan a show so that it doesn’t overstep it’s place and muscle in on the ‘ratings’ shows. Perhaps they were worried that the show would detract from their ‘ratings’ shows? The vibe from numerous forums are that Nine are not the least bit interested in their viewers thoughts on the topic. They just don’t care. It’s like giving a child a lolly and then taking it away. Nice. Real nice.

Moonlight got as far as Episode 8, I think. Unfortunately I came into the series late (as we tend to watch PayTV before FTA) and then I was away and missed a few episodes, so all in all I probably got to see 3 or 4 episodes. But despite this the show had me hook, line and sinker. I LOVE it as it’s one of my favourite topics. Vampires 😀

Anyway, up your’s Channel 9. I’ve since managed to source the remaining Episodes (including the ones I missed) on YouTube and am now up to date, no thanks to you! Don’t expect my patronage any time soon. Get your act together and show your viewers a little more respect. The least – THE LEAST – you could have done was put up an advert announcing the shows cancellation!

Sorry folks, I don’t usually get so wrapped up in these sorts of things but I really am over the disrespect shown to viewers. I mean, where would the TV stations be without us?


2 Responses to “Moonlight canned”

  1. 14 February, 2008 at 5:33 am

    I never watched it but a similar thing happened to Torchwood on channel 10. They just chnaged it from 9:30 to something like 1 o’clock in the morning then took it off all together. Why? People were pissed.I think because I believe many people could not understand it. No, it wasn’t hard but there are a level of TV watchers who like crash ’em, bash ’em, stupid home videos for entertainment – TV is dictated by their choices…could be the reason I don’t watch a lot of TV anymore

  2. 14 February, 2008 at 7:46 am

    Unfortunately the Paranormal shows do get relegated to later times lots due to people not being able to understand the concept. Honestly – what a boring life they must lead to not be able to understand such things. If only they knew just how popular the paranormal genre is and now with the level of special effects that are available they are no longer ‘kitsch’. They are damn good shows.

    I rarely watch TV now, as I mentioned in my post and I think this has just reinforced my reason why.

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