Help with iTunes

Okay. I need some help. I’m still only new to the iTunes world. I don’t even own an iPod, but that’s another story. Thing is. I want to purchase a couple of songs: Let it Go by Fauxliage and Aurora by Lapush. Unfortunately they’re not available on the Australian iTunes site. From what I can see they’re only available on the American site (possibly the UK site but I haven’t checked).

Anyway, to purchase from a US iTunes store I require a US mailing address and/or US credit card. Of course I don’t want either. I just want the music. I guess I could always go and purchase the CD’s – providing they’re available in AUS. But I don’t want to do that. I just want one song off each album.

Does anyone know a way around this? OR Is anyone who lives in the US able to purchase the song for me (I’ll pay you via paypal) and then tell me how on earth I download it to my computer? LOL!

Thanks in advance!!


3 Responses to “Help with iTunes”

  1. 8 March, 2008 at 4:38 pm

    Hello? Why do you have to purchase in Yankee land – what’s wrong with purchasing in good old Aussie land and keeping yout $$$ at home?? Hmmm?? What about buy Australian Made???

  2. 8 March, 2008 at 4:57 pm

    LOL! Believe me I’d love nothing more than to spend my money here. But unfortunately that Artist is not available on the Aussie iTunes site. Something to do with copyrights or contracts or something. I don’t know. Very frustrating as I’m sure they’d have a great following.

  3. 9 March, 2008 at 8:02 am

    Well bugger…can’t you give the address of The White House, Washington DC? It will be up for grabs soon and no one will know who the new tennant is. It could me a Ms L Taylor. The other thing I was thinking – email these music people and tell them you’re an Aussie and what can you do to get this music

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