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Hitting the Hot Spot


I’m going to be blogging over at TEB’s blog – Hitting the Hot Spot today so head on over to see what I have to say 😀




Pleasing the Messenger

Oooh … that was quick! Pleasing the Messenger cover has been released over at TEB.


melting-the-minerals-cover-reduced.jpg daring-the-underworld-reduced.jpg tempting-the-law-cover-artwork-reduced.jpg

Pleasing the Messenger by C.S. Chatterly is Book Three in the Uniform Behaviour series. Can you tell? LOL. I am hoping this is it for the series because I’m starting to have trouble finding suitable male faces. The hardest part of being a cover artist is finding stock. Then to add to my stock woes is my personal taste. All these guy’s I find extremely attractive. Yes. There were other men in suitable poses but I just couldn’t bring myself to use them because they didn’t appeal to my taste. Sad really. But that is how the cookie crumbles. *sigh* One day I’ll get myself a good camera and perhaps (perhaps) hire a couple of models to create my own personal stock. Stock that hasn’t been used to death.

Anyway, back to the cover. Took a little while to find the male model. The first guy I had was a bit young but Claire and I managed to scrape up this handsome young fellow. Hmm .. nice jawline.

Then came the battle to find a suitable scene on the bottom. The story is set during an ice storm in Eastern Texas. I tried to keep the terrain as realistic as possible, hence a Texas mountain image (mind you I have no idea if there are mountains in Eastern Texas) Ah the joys of artistic license LOL!. Unfortunately no sign of ice/snow but I guess we can’t have it all. Right? 😀 Anyway, I think it works well for the series. Two covers with the ‘snow’ effect would have been too much I think.

Well. I’m off to try and come up with a worthy Blog entry for Hitting the Hot Spot on Sunday. OMG! I have no idea what I’ll blog about. Well, covers of course. Duh! But in what context, I’m not yet sure. Any ideas?


Office Advances

Here’s the latest cover released at TEB!


Office Advances by Carol Lynne is book 8 in the Campus Craving Series so there’s nothing new to the layout. This one is based more in the business sector, hence the city backdrop and the guy’s in suits. That’s actually Sydney up there – had to support my home town LOL! The guy’s were easy enough. All I had to do was add some curly hair to the guy at the front but it’s hardly noticeable. Yeah. So after the initial searching for suitable stock that had the guy’s giving off the right vibe it all came together rather easily.


Sensual Spell

I’m back! Had a very nice time. The house we stayed in was right on the bay. Here’s my lazy attempt at a panoramic view LOL. I took looking out from the back door. Unfortunately it was the day we were leaving and the weather was crappy – typical! Every other day had been gorgeous. But you get the idea.

Salamander Bay

We fed the pelicans, watched the dolphins, went swimming, got sunburnt *rolls eyes*, ate well, drank well. *sigh* Yes. We had a good time 😀 It is good to be home though. I was a bit over the upheaval of all this recent travel.

Aaanyway, so back to the real world. I’ve just punted the kiddies off to school and preschool. Hallelujah and pass the gin! Would you believe they almost didn’t make it. Of course with all the rain we’ve been having here the bridge went under last night (flooded). It was lapping at the bridge when I drove the kids over this morning. Goes to show how desperate I am to get them out of my hair! LOL. Yeah, I know. I’m not much of a mother. Hubby and Grandpa are over on the ‘other side’ so it’s not like I’ve just dumped them and headed for the hills 😉

I have another four covers lined up with TEB so I’ll be working on those this week. In between trying to track down a new vanity for the bathroom 😀 YAY!! OH, and it seems hubby is feeling rather generous at the moment (must have been the week off work ;)) He’s ordered me some new flooring from our shop! At the moment we’ve got old lino (or Linoleum for non Aussies) in the kitchen/dining and filthy, filthy carpet in the lounge.

With two kids endlessly vomiting, spilling red drink and many other things, drawing, traipsing mud in well you can imagine what it looks like. It’s to the point where I’m too embarrassed to have someone come in and professionally clean it. And then there’s the nice little flea ecosystem that has set itself up in there, thanks to our two cats. Yes carpet, it’s time to GO!

So life is good or will be, once the work is done 😀

Alright I have a new cover just released as ‘Coming soon’ over at TEB

Sensual Spell

Sensual Spell by Rachel Carrington – I enjoyed this cover and it came together pretty easily. This is pretty much what I had in mind from the start, although the heart sparkles are looking a bit weak now that I look at it. Still, I think it’s effective 😀 It really is getting hard to find stock models with expression on their face. This woman is what I wanted, cocky, sure of herself, cheeky and content (well, who wouldn’t be considering what’s in her arms). Most of the stock models look like they’ve had an overdose of Botox. Ugh! I’d better not bore you with my ‘stock’ gripes.

Well it’s pouring down again so it’s not looking good for ‘kid free’ time over the next few days. Then again, if they get stuck over the ‘other side’ with dad & grandpa … well, let’s just say that I won’t be too heartbroken 😉


Away again … latest covers

Well we’re off to Port Stephen’s in the morning. *sigh* I really don’t want to go. Not that I don’t want to catch up with our friends, but I’m just over all the upheaval, packing and driving. We’re basically driving back to Sydney! LOL. Oh well.

Guess I’ll leave you with the latest releases over at Total-E-Bound😀

Nothing to Lose

Nothing to Lose by Jamie Hill. This was one of those covers that I just couldn’t get into. I think the whole ‘handyman’ thing threw me and I got too wrapped up in the ‘renovation’ picture that I had in my head. Didn’t matter what I did it looked wrong so had to take a step back and simplify it a bit. I also had a different guy in a singlet top. He looked a lot more ‘handy-manish’ but also a bit boring LOL! So I replaced him with Mr Sack-of-Potatoes and ta-da … schmexy cover 😉


Hello by Dakota Rebel. Simple and straight forward this one. This is pretty much the image I had in my head from the start. I’m happy with how it turned out. I think I originally had a white background but the red, white & blue gives it a whole ‘Do it for your country’ thang going for it LOL! Even her fingers remind me of the stripes on the American flag .. ha ha! The model originally had blue tinsel wrapped around her so I had to cut that out and paint in her fingers and add the phone to her hand. Worked out pretty well if I do say so myself 😀

Well, time for bed. Will catch up with you all next week. Cheers!


What a Shame & Melting the Minerals

HeathOh dear .. what a sad day it is for the Australian Film industry. Actor Health Ledger found dead in his NY apartment of an apparent drug overdose. Silly, silly boy *shakes head in disbelief*. He was 28! What a wasted life.

Well I’m not going to dwell on it. He was a bit of a strange one but that was probably the drugs. What a dreadful time it will be for his family and young daughter. It’s hard enough dealing with these sorts of things in private, let alone having it all splashed across the world news.

Oh well. RIP Heath! May you have learnt your lessons in this life. Onwards and upwards and all that.

Okay on a lighter note here’s the latest cover to grace the pages of TEB’s out soon page.

Melting the Minerals

Melting the Minerals by C.S. Chatterly (Book 3 in the Uniform Behaviour series). I really like the style of these covers and have been really happy with how they’ve all come together. Again this one was quite simple although I did have to add the guy’s head to the woolly jacket LOL! I used a similar technique to create the snowy effect as I did for the fire in Daring the Underworld. I just removed the colour 😀 So there it is, a simple yet effective cover.

Now I also want to congratulate Total-E-Bound on getting 5th place in the P&E awards. 5th out of 107 publishers and they’ve only been up and running for approx. 6 months! The team at TEB are just so helpful and professional. It’s a fantastic team to be involved with so why don’t you head on over and check them out!

The TEB Chat over at Nightowl yesterday was fun and very encouraging. Everyone seems really happy with the standard of covers which is great. It’s nice to know we’re on the right track LOL!

So Dakota was thinking about taking a week off, however, seems her muse has other ideas and just why is Amarinda walking around the neighbourhood with her clothes on inside out, prey tell?


Cupids and Tumbleweed

Two more covers released over at TEB …

karaoke-at-the-tumbleweed-cover-reduced.png cupids-kisses-cover-single-reduced.png

Karaoke at the Tumbleweed by Carol Lynne

Gee, don’t you wish all Barmen looked this good?? LOL

This one was needed quite quickly. I had the idea of what I wanted pretty early so it was just a matter of finding the right models. I’d been eyeing these two off for a little while now … well, one in particular ;), and I’m surprised how well they came together. She was hanging off another fellow but he was wearing too many clothes 😉

Okay, so what have I done here … I removed the poncy buttons from his cardie and of course added his tatt’s and longer hair. I thought she looked a little odd just hanging there with no bottom half so I searched around and found her a hip *rolls eyes*. Yeah, I know I’ve practically covered it over but I don’t like missing body parts 😉

Also her skin was a bit mottled. Actually she looked dead, so I airbrushed a bit of life back into her. I also managed to scratch up a bar/pub background and fussed around with the fonts to get a Neon feel and Voila! Karaoke at the Tumbleweed 😀 It is a nice change for Carol who usually writes M/M, so I hope she likes it.

The Cupids Kisses covers a couple of short stories – hence the Title & Author. This will cover Dirty Cupid by Lexie Davis, Attitude Adjustment by Bobbie Russell, To Catch a Cassanova by Erika Scott and Redemptions Incubus by Brynn Paulin. The sexy guy with the bow and arrow was pretty straight forward. I went with some rose petals for that Valentines feel. Not one of my better covers but it get’s the job done, I guess.

On the count down now. I haven’t done any packing. I’ve been on this computer AAAALLL day. My daughter is thoroughly disgusted with me as she wants to get onto NickJR and play games. Fair dinkum! The house is full of toys. I have one that I’ll admit to 😉 – my computer. So why am I forever fighting the kids and my husband off the damn thing? It seems that ever since I’ve become serious about forging a career in Cover Art, which requires endless hours at the computer, all of a sudden everyone else in the household want to get on it? Before I started my cover art no-one came near the bloody thing! Sheesh! Can you tell I’m stressed LOL!

Well, better keep going. Two more covers to try to get done before tonight and then we’re off.

Oops .. almost forgot to add that I was interviewed by the lovely Amarinda Jones so go and check out her blog!


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