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Help with iTunes

Okay. I need some help. I’m still only new to the iTunes world. I don’t even own an iPod, but that’s another story. Thing is. I want to purchase a couple of songs: Let it Go by Fauxliage and Aurora by Lapush. Unfortunately they’re not available on the Australian iTunes site. From what I can see they’re only available on the American site (possibly the UK site but I haven’t checked).

Anyway, to purchase from a US iTunes store I require a US mailing address and/or US credit card. Of course I don’t want either. I just want the music. I guess I could always go and purchase the CD’s – providing they’re available in AUS. But I don’t want to do that. I just want one song off each album.

Does anyone know a way around this? OR Is anyone who lives in the US able to purchase the song for me (I’ll pay you via paypal) and then tell me how on earth I download it to my computer? LOL!

Thanks in advance!!


Upgrade! & Wishlist for 2008

Yippee!! My computer has more RAM. Don’t ask me how much more. I don’t know. But it has more!!! I haven’t taken him for much of a test drive just yet. I’m still checking out messages & blogs since he’s been at the ‘shop’. But I can’t wait to get into Photoshop and see if there is much difference in speed.

I always wondered how the artists over at DA were able to have photoshop, email, music and numerous other ‘things’ open all at once without their computer having a major meltdown. And why I would have trouble just running photoshop and Outlook! It cost me $100 so there better be a noticeable difference.

Anyway, this year I am going to try to upgrade my workstation. My printer and scanner no longer work. Well, they work but they’re no longer compatible with the computer. I would like to get a colour laser printer/scanner. Possibly even a fax although it’s not on my high list of priorities.

I believe that a new cordless keyboard & mouse is on it’s way for my birthday (YAY!!) 😀 My old one still works but it is getting a bit grotty. Needs a clean 😉 Anyway, I prefer the ergonomic keyboards. I know. I’m strange, but I really do find them much easier on my wrists.

Then I need to upgrade and get myself Photoshop CS3, Illustrator and InDesign. My student status should get me that at a reasonable price. I just hope that the student versions aren’t missing anything important. Something I’ll need to look into first.

And last but not least. A camera. My little pocket rocket is about to give up the ghost. I’ve noticed that the focus is off in the bottom left corner and sometimes it just won’t focus at all. I’ve tried cleaning the lense but I think it’s something internal. Geez, it only cost me $150 so I guess it’s done it’s job. So for the next camera, I’m thinking a Canon EOS 450 or equivalent. I’ll need to look into it a little more. There is mention of hubby possibly heading over to Hong Kong later in the year, so I need to get my butt into gear and start putting some money aside so he can get it for me Duty Free. The goal for having this fancy schmancy camera is to eventually learn how to take my OWN stock photos. Who knows, maybe I’ll even get daring enough to hire a couple of models *OMG!!* Unfortunately me and mine aren’t ‘Cover’ model material 😉 Then again, I am a photo manipulator for crying out loud LOL.

Yes, I know this post makes me sound like I’ve got money to spend. I don’t. I wish I did LOL. But if I want to continue down this road as a Cover Artist, I really need to step up to the plate.

So what’s on your Wishlist for 2008?


Shameless plug

I got an email from my good friend Kate, today. It’s been a good 12 months since we’ve spoken. Oh, we’ve traded Christmas cards and the like but unfortunately life has us both firmly in it’s grasp. It’s sad when you just never quite get around to picking up the phone and giving someone a call isn’t it. I’m terrible for that kind of thing but I get all nervous when it comes to making phone calls. I have absolutely no idea why.

Anyway, Kate’s email proudly announced a new business venture. It started with an invention her hubby came up with for their wayward dog Dave (or ‘Strewth’ as I seem to recall him being named in his early days) and it’s called the Walk-Me Slip Harness. They now have their own website and are taking orders. I’m not sure if they’ve had international sales, but I guess there is always a first? So if anyone has troubles walking their dog get onto this product ’cause it really does work!

I was also sadly advised that Dave had recently passed away. No doubt he’s up in heaven, running rings around his old mates, Nugget and Kelly. Cheers old fella!

Now on a lighter note … in all my boredom (yes, I’ll do anything to avoid housework) I decided to create a mock-promo of a sequel to Dakota’s ‘Sweet Dreams’. Those of us who frequent her blog will possibly recall a comment in a recent review, touching on the topic of ‘Wet Dreams’. Well. Of course I couldn’t resist, so in honour of Dakota’s fantastic book, here is a mock-promo (meaning totally PRETEND! that is of course unless she decides otherwise *wink-wink, nudge-nudge*) advertising the next book in her ‘Dreams’ series 😉

**Again, Dakota has NOT written this book. There is no series at this stage. It is a fabrication and has totally stemmed from recent comments on her blog.**


Enjoy m’dear and congratulations on a fantastic review!!!


All things cowboyish

FrustratedUgh! I just got a message back regarding my most recent cover. It seems that the hero in the book was actually a Native American with long hair and not just a ‘cowboy’ as stated on the form. Of course I had a ‘cowboy’ with short hair and facial stubble. Sheesh! I’m not a mind reader. We fill out a form for a reason folks! So now I’m off to hunt down a replacement *grumble, grumble*

Hopefully it won’t take too long to find something suitable. Not that there’s a lot of American Indian stock available out there .. which means I’ll have to add long hair to a ‘cowboy’. I’m not good with hair. Anyway, I guess it’s not the end of the world.

Kasey & KahluaAnd since we’re on the topic of all things ‘cowboyish’ (ooh look, there’s a word for you AJ!) my 6yo daughter had her first riding lesson yesterday. Well. The word ‘Lesson’ might be stretching it! From what I could see it’s learn as you go LOL! They just plonked them on these horses and then headed off into the bush on a trail ride for 2 hours! Cripes!! I almost died of a heart attack. There were no leads or anything … just a long line of terrified little girls with big, buggy eyes LOL!

I think I needed a stiff drink as I watched them disappear into the sunset. My daughter is a little on the timid side when it comes to new things. I’m surprised she pulled herself together to even get on the horse, let alone be left to their own devices. She found herself on a showy little Palomino called Kahlua (aptly named as I could have done with a few myself!). There she is in the picture. LOL! Look at her shoulders she looks like she’s ready to implode 😀 He was a sweet little pony though.

But you know what when they came back she looked amazingly comfortable. She was twisting around in the saddle to talk to her cousin and looking quite animated. So who know’s. Perhaps she’s got my horse riding abilities. YAY! Finally something we can do together 😀

Mind you it was a struggle to convince her father. He’s a ‘team sports’ kinda guy. ‘Horse riding is not sport’ he tells me. Yeah. Right! It’s only been in the OLYMPICS for the last 100 years! (hmm .. don’t quote me on that ’cause I can’t be bothered googling to find out ;)).

Anyway, the thing is she made it back on one piece and with a smile on her face and I don’t have to explain to my husband why his 6year old daughter is in intensive care! Yay for me!!


Book Trailer madness

I’ve been wanting to have a go at Book Trailers for a while now so decided to head over to YouTube to have a look-see what other people are doing, what I like, what I don’t .. you know the drill. I can’t ignore it any longer. If I want to be part of this business it’s something that I need to tackle.

Anyway, I stumbled across this and thought you might get a giggle from it.

So yeah, I’ve been dabbling with my little video thingo. Lord it is time consuming. I guess once I know what I’m doing it won’t be so bad but just sourcing the images is driving me nuts. I haven’t even really put anything together yet!! Probably because I don’t have a book that I’m specifically ‘creating’ for. So I’m just blundering around and getting fed up before I even start LOL!

It takes endless hours with no time constraints and a fair bit of concentration. Something that I obviously lack. But I guess I’ll keep coming back to it.

BoredI must admit that I’m a bit bored at the moment. Yes, yes, I have housework to do. There’s always housework to do but I’d obviously rather be doing something creative (apart from the dreaded book trailer LOL!). I’ve mostly done my covers for this month although I’m waiting on a ‘Yay’ or ‘Nay’ for the final one. Maybe I’ll settle my creative urges and do a banner or something. Anyone want a banner?


Hitting the Hot Spot


I’m going to be blogging over at TEB’s blog – Hitting the Hot Spot today so head on over to see what I have to say 😀



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