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Hunting Diablo

So I spent most of my evening checking out the available Blogger templates. I want a 3 column template with a custom header. Apparently these don’t exist. Well, I did find some but for some reason Blogger can’t read them. Kinda makes the search for Free Blogger Templates pointless. I might have to resign myself to a ‘classic’ blogger template/layout, which I seem to recall being one of the reasons I hightailed it over here to WordPress. *sigh* Man this internet thing is SOOO time consuming.

Of course I say to myself ‘Damn-it woman! You should be able to put a simple template together’. So I start fiddling around and the next thing I know it’s midnight and I’ve accomplished NOTHING other than getting myself extremely frustrated. Yeah, so I’m no closer to getting my Blogger account looking professional so we’re still here for the time being.

Anyway, on to other things. Hunting Diablo has hit the ‘Coming Soon’ line-up over at TEB.


Ellies other covers by me 😉

Hunting Diablo by Ellie Tremayne. Ellie has done a little sidestep away from the rugged British highlands and thrown us into the Carribean full of Pirates!

It’s actually be quite a while since I did this cover and I was beginning to worry that it may never be released LOL! I was rather pleased with the outcome. I love the colours. Can you tell that the couple are actually two different stock photos? I’m pretty chuffed with how they came together. Actually I think it may have been 3 stock photos in this. I think I added someone’s chest hair and shoulder so that their heads weren’t just hanging there 😀

How nice would it be to spend a week on that little island, eh? Provided Mr Pirate up there was waiting on me hand and foot 😉 LOL.

I seem to recall there was a lot (a LOT) of cutting out on the ship. Not something that I want to repeat within the near future. However, it came out surprisingly well. I just had to add the Jolly Roger flag and get the ship to sit in the water without looking odd. I think I managed it, provided we don’t look tooooo closely 😉

Hmmm … very odd. I’ve come back to finish off this post and something’s changed. I’ve all of a sudden got a personalised Dashboard. There also seems to be a few bugs. I can’t put in any links for some reason. I like the new look but I don’t like being able to do what I want, when I want. Also I don’ like things changing without a bit of fanfare. If something is going to be up-graded I want a small note saying something along the lines of ‘Look what we’ve done’.  So I’ll finish this post off because I can’t really do any more to it. Let’s see if it is going to be difficult next time around. If so, Blogger, here I come!


Quick Breakdown of The Price of a Sword

Thought I would share with you quickly, how the final cover draft for The Price of a Sword came about.

Okay. So first things first. The Price of a Sword is an Historical, so this in itself was going to limit stock possibilities. You would really think that some forward thinking photographer out there would realise the need for attractive models in period dress. Considering that the publishing industry is a big time user of stock sites. But that is a whole other post and I digress ..

It was decided that we’d just go with the Hero on the cover, so after trawling through the stock sites, I managed to pull the following together. The sword isn’t in his hand at this stage, but I’m sure you get the idea 😉 Oh, and I’ve also added some perspective to the targe (shield). Now, for some strange reason I thought that this book was the second in a series. So I originally set the cover up like Prince of the Three Mountains where the Hero was chopped off at the waist by the title banner. Claire quickly set me straight and suggested that perhaps we could use the Hero’s full torso in this one.




Now that I have the Hero partially together, I moved on to the background. The story is set in a Castle on the moors. So with a bit of cutting, pasting & blending .. ta-da .. and we have a castle on the moors. Sometimes I might match the colour of the objects so they blend better but I don’t think I did that here. I quite liked the glow that the castle had to it and the lighting on the model seemed to mirror that ‘sunlight’ effect.




Next I’ll place the images together to get a feel for placement, lighting and suitability. If I’m happy I will continue by adding more detail to the images. The Hero had some Greek blood, hence the dark hair and Greek writing in his tattoo arm band. I’ve also added the sword by this stage. There was some additional lighting on the model’s right shoulder/arm that I didn’t want, so I’ve painted that out. I’ll usually then finish off by touching up shadows and highlights.




Then it’s on to the Titles. This is probably where I have the hardest time of it. Deciding where to place the text without detracting from the cover. Sizing, fonts and colours are possibly where I fall down the most. I’ve only just recently started working on the full cover spread in one document. I used to have one file for the cover, one for the spine and one for the back. While it’s taken some getting used to the full spread is probably the easiest to manage. Plus there’s less files to have to send to Claire 😉 Which I’m sure she is happy about 😀

So here we have it. The final full cover spread with titles. 😀








Sweet Dreams & The Price of a Sword

Latest ‘Coming Soon’ covers released over at TEB!

sweet-dreams-cover-reduced.jpg the-price-of-a-sword-cover-reduced.png

Sweet Dreams by Dakota Rebel. I have to admit that I was feeling a little bit of pressure doing this cover. Only because Dakota had put so much trust in me. It is her baby, after all 😉 Anyway, the first thing that jumped out at me from the cover request form was the Hero’s green eyes. I was having trouble finding the ‘right’ model so decided to experiment a bit. I’m glad I did. The eyes really do make you feel like the Heroine is being watched over in her dreams. Now for the Heroine, I’d been wanting to use this image for quite some time and it just seemed to fit this cover perfectly. I kept the green colouring right throughout the cover by adding a green silk sheet (originally red). The first cover draft didn’t have the textured background but it was a bit stark and boring. So I added some texture and voila! Sweet Dreams 😀

The Price of a Sword by Ellie Tremayne. I’ve actually created a special ‘Cover Breakdown’ that goes into detail on how this cover was created. Go check out my next post.


Prince of the Three Mountains Daring the Underworld

Hmm .. Prince of the three Mountains Daring the Underworld LOL! Sounds intriguing 😉 Okay! These are the latest two covers that have been released over at Total-E-Bound 😀

daring-the-underworld-reduced.jpg  pottm-cover-artwork-reduced.jpg

Daring the Underworld is second in the Uniform Behaviour series by C.S. Chatterly. I had great fun trying to create fire for this one! It’s turned out pretty damn good too LOL! Is it just me or does the guy have a George Clooney look about him?

Prince of the Three Mountains by Ellie Tremayne was a bit more time consuming. The original stock photo was cropped off at the biceps and was off-centre. To even him up, I had to paint in his arms/elbows, only to crop them off again for the final cover! LOL. Still, it was a bit of a challenge 😉 Don’t you just love that background though?

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