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Just another day ..

Not a lot happening in this neck of the woods. I took my 3yo son to the hospital the other morning as he’d been bleeding from the ear over night. He’s been suffering from Glue-Ear, which is a build up of fluid in the ear which puts pressure on the eardrum. Well, it appears that he’s either stuck something in his ear or the ear-drum has burst. I’d say he stuck something in his ear because he was sick of waiting for the Dr’s to do something about it.

He’s been on a 3 week course of antibiotics and an endless stream of ear drops. All which seem to be doing nothing. Oh and then there was the ‘try to get him to blow air into his ear canals’. You know, when you hold your nose and blow to make your ears pop and crackle. Well, how do you explain to a 3yo how to do this? As you can guess, I’ve had no luck so he decided to do something he did understand and stuck something in his ear to relieve the pressure.

Anyway, so we’ve been given MORE antibiotics and MORE ear drops. Yes the Chemist loves us.

I also noticed that gone are the days when during your visit to the Dr’s or emergency department the nurse cleaned you up before sending you on your way. We came home with the crusty, bloody ear that we went in with. I’m sure that would have never been allowed in my mum’s day (she was a nurse). Even in the days when I was a kid. You can’t deny that it’s comforting to have someone who knows what they’re doing patching you up. Then again. Maybe it’s just me.

SO. I’ve been avidly watching So You Think You Can Dance – Australia. I love these reality shows. Idol, Dancing with the Stars and now So You Think You Can Dance. I love to test my knowledgeable taste against the rest of Australia LOL! Not that I know much about singing and dancing. But I do know what I like and what I don’t and what I do like is RHYS BOBRIDGE! Go Rhys!

Check out Rhys and Jemma’s Waltz

I must say that I’m quite taken with our young Rhys. Usually it’s the woman that catches your eye in the dancing but I barely even notice she’s there. Also for those SAHM in Australia you may also recognise him as ELF from The Fairies TV Show and if any Melbourne Drag Queens just happen to stumble across his blog (yeah, right ;)) then our young Rhys is none other than ze bootiful, Regime!! Oh, and he is a make-up artist too! Talk about versatile! I do wish he’d do something else with his hair though. He’s got a real Hitler thing going LOL.

Anyway, I thought I share my favourite performances this week:

Henry & Vanessa

Kate & Graeme

Rhys & Jemma

The show’s on again tonight so I’ll be plastered to the lounge from 7:30pm. Much to hubbys disgust. He’s missing out on Grey’s Anatomy LOL.


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